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Who can determine the information on an ABP?

The information on an ABP must be determined by a competent person. A competent person is defined as a person who has acquired through training, qualification, experience, or a combination of these, the knowledge and skills enabling that person to competently determine the information on a builders plate. The competent person is either:

The builder;

The importer; or

A third-party competent person. (e.g. marine surveyor or naval architect)

In general, a commercial boat builder is deemed to be a competent person for the purpose of the ABP standard. In the case of an owner-builder or importer, they may not meet the definition of a competent person, in which case a third-party competent person may need to be engaged to determine the information. Where this occurs, the name of the third-party competent person should be shown on the ABP, along with that of the builder or importer. A third-party competent person - e.g. marine surveyor or naval architect in your area.

Any person whose name appears on the plate is assuming responsibility for the information on that plate.


Built by Sunhope Boats, Australia

Imported by RayStan Holdings, Australia

Information approved by E.R. Smith, Naval Architect, Sydney, Aust.