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Australian Builders Plate (ABP)

Australian Builders Plate for Recreational Boats (ABP)

The National Standard for the Australian Builders Plate for Recreational Boats is a standard for an Australian Builders Plate (ABP) that is fixed to certain recreational boats used in Australia, as specified in the Standard. This Standard also establishes requirements for the uniform display of information to be exhibited on the ABP, and the design and construction standards to be used in determining that information.

An ABP is a plate that displays information, in accordance with the requirements of this Standard, about the recreational boat to which it is fixed.  The boats to which an ABP must be affixed are determined by the relevant enabling Authority legislation.  The National Standard can be viewed here - National Standard for the Australian Builders Plate for Recreational Boats

To find out the ABP requirements in your State or Territory contact your local marine authority


Where to Buy Plates

The Boating Industries Alliance Australia (BIAA) supplies blank ABP plates to registered boat manufacturers and registered boat importers: please contact the BIAA on 08 9227 7899 or visit for further information.  The general public may obtain a blank ABP plate from any one of a number of suppliers, or may contact the BIAA supplier on 07 3299 3877 or a

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